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Wildlife Guy Pest Services perform animal removal and animal control services for residential, industrial and commercial clients in across the Saint Louis Area. We can handle any Animal Removal problem from Bat Exclusion to Skunk Removal and provide gentle and humane animal removal services using the latest technology and equipment. Animal Removal requires a qualified and knowledgeable expert. If you own a home or business and have animal removal and animal control problems, you can rely on Wildlife Guy Pest Services experts.


Wildlife Guy Pest Services has been specially trained in Animal Removal specific to your area! We take care of Animal Removal problems in the most gentle and humane way possible. Wildlife Guy Pest Control Services listed undergo a rigorous training program for Animal Control and Animal Removal in order to give you the most efficient and cost effective solution to your wildlife problem.


Wildlife Guy Pest Services is licensed and insured for your protection and comply with all laws regarding wildlife control and wildlife removal in the Saint Louis area. We are equipped to handle any kind of insect, animal, pest and wildlife removal problem.


In addition to animal removal and control, our experts can help you with Wildlife and Animal Exclusion Services, Dead Animal Removal, Damaged Insulation Replacement and Attic Restoration Services across the Saint Louis area.


If you are experiencing a problem with any of these pest animals, if you need an animal removal specialist who can provide professional solutions. We take pride in the work we list and we strive to make sure we perform removal and animal control services ethically and humanely. Some of the cities we service include but are not limited to St louis, St louis County,St Louis City, St Charles County, Lincoln County, Jefferson County, and surrounding areas.


Perhaps the most important thing about Wildlife Pest Services is our unending interest in pest, animal, and bird control/trapping and management, and meeting the every need of our customers. We love what we do and love to be of service to the public!

  • Animal Trapping and removal

  • Dead animal removal and odor control

  • Annual Inspections

  • Prevention

  • Animal Waste Contamination Clean up

  • After Hours Service

  • Chimney & Attic Wildlife Removal 

  • Montly & Quaterly Services


  • Bats 

  • Birds

  • Moles 

  • Groundhogs

  • Raccoons

  • Rats

  • Skunks

  • Snakes

  • Suirrels

  • Mice

  • Insects

What We Do!!!!

10 Questions about your wildlife problem


  • What type of animal do you think it is?

  • Where do you think it's getting in?

  • How long has this been happening?

  • Have you heard any sounds of babies yet?

  • Is there a smell of death, urine or fecal matter yet?

  • Have you noticed any unusual insects (maggots, flies, mites, ticks)?

  • What time of day/night do you hear noises? How often?

  • Have you or a professional tried to deal with the animal? In what way?

  • What damage has occurred so far?

  • How do you rate this problem: mild, moderate, or extreme?

 24/7   314-435-7970

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