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From squirrels to raccoons or bats, those noises you hear at night could be an indication that wildlife has taken up residence under your roof. While they normally shy away from people, opossums and raccoons can be very aggressive especially when newborn litters are involved. Let us remove them before they do damage to your attic, gnaw at your belongings, or attack a family member.



The last thing you want is for your cat or dog to get into a fight with a raccoon or opossum. Sure, your pets are tough, but these are wild animals – animals that may have parasites or diseases they can pass onto your pets. If you have wild animals that have become comfortable hanging around your home, it's time to have us escort them out.








If you notice small holes in baseboards or chewed or shredded materials, you have found indications of a rodent nest. Call in our experts for a quick inspection to confirm the presence of rodents. Let us remove rodents to avoid damage to your home and further infestation by even more rodents. All it takes is one call to make your home rodent free!


Rodents can spread disease that can cause illness in humans and other animals as well as create unsanitary conditions. Keep your family and pets healthy with our rodent extermination program. Once they are gone, our knowledgeable staff can help provide tips and tricks to make your home less appealing to rodents – they won’t even want to set up their nests in your home!





Since your home doesn’t have to be dirty for insects to invade call Wildlife Guy Pest Services for same-day service 7 days a week when they do invade. With years of experience and a wide range of tools at our disposal, you can count on us to handle any pest efficiently and with minimum disruption to your daily life. All it takes is one call to put our expert on the job!


If knowing is half the battle, then you’re already well on your way to victory when you bring in our experts. You need your insect problem assessed and handled quickly, and our experienced exterminators can handle the job promptly, at a price you can afford. By targeting different insects' specific weak spots, we can make short work of any infestation.



Baldfaced Hornets
These large, 5/8" to 3/4" long wasps are black with yellow markings that build large grayish-colored "paper carton" aerial nests, often as large as a basketball, which usually hang in an exposed location such as from a tree. Removal of their nests should be left to a properly trained and equipped professional.

European Hornets
These very large, 3/4" to 1" long hornets are brown with yellow abdominal stripes and a pale face. They build large brownish-colored "paper carton" nests, sometimes as large as a basketball, which are often located in some protected area like a wall void, an attic or within the branches of a bush.

Yellow Jackets
Yellow jackets are 3/8" to 5/8" long, depending on the species, with their respective queens being about 25% longer. Most species are black with yellow stripes, but some include red markings, and some are black with white markings. These are day-active, beneficial, predatory insects. They build a paper-like nest containing several layers of cells. A mature nest may typically have 2,000-6,000 cells and 1,000-4,000 workers. Nests are sometimes built in open aerial spots, or within bushes, but most species build their nest in a cavity hollowed out below ground. Some workers act as guards at the entrances to below-ground nests.Yellow jacket control or nest removal should be left to properly trained and equipped professionals.

Honey Bees
Honey bees, among the most beneficial insects in our living environment, pollinate flowers and allow us to have fruits and vegetables. A pleasant byproduct is the production of honey, but honey bees can be our foes when they end up in our houses.

Sometimes, honey bees will build hives in walls of a home or business or in bushes nearby leading to honey bees in our living or working spaces. Then, the mild honey bee becomes a pest. Honey bees can sting and some people have violent allergic reactions to the stings.

By midsummer, hone bees reach very high populations. Occupants should not fog the inside of their houses or businesses if honey bees are found. If the bees are moved, leaving the hive unattended, robber bees may come and reoccupy the hive, thus perpetuating the bee problem. Instead a pest control company should be called to alleviate the problem with maximum care and minimal risk to the occupants.

In many cases, exclusion is required to prevent animals from re-entering a residence. In addition, the entries that one animal makes can be expanded upon and used by other animals that were not previously there. It is important to eliminate these entries with reliable construction techniques. 

Wildlife Guy Pest Services animal control and animal removal technicians take great pride in their exclusion work. They make sure that entryways are completely covered and inaccessible to unwanted guests. In addition, Wildlife Guy Pest Services animal removal technicians see to it that exclusions are as cosmetic as possible, tailoring shapes and colors of construction materials to match your home. We believe that the only thing that should be visible is your beautiful, pest-free home.
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